Rebuilt in 2023.
Machine CE marked 

Machine Id: 1392 Serial No:
Model: V-270 Asking Price: onrequest
Make: Sykes Country: United Kingdom
Year: REBUILT MACHINE 2023 Weight: 0.0
Dimensions: Location: Mumbai Warehosue, India
Category: Rebuilt Sykes Gear Shaper
Type of Machine: 3 Axis CNC GEAR SHAPER


CNC version of Sykes older model V-10C


Siemens 808 CNC System controls three axis Table Rotation (C2 axis)


Infeed (X axis) and Rotary Feed of the cutter ( C1 axis)


Swiveling pendant control mounted on top of the electrical cabinet No change gears ,


Hydraulic clamping of work piece and hydraulic tailstock


Main spindle motor Siemens AC Servo


Safety Guards 


Spindle Motor:1PH8101-1DF00-1CA1,

X-axis (Radial Feed) Servo Motor:1FK7063-2AF71-1RA1,11Nm,3000rpm


C1-axis (Circular Feed) Servo Motor:1FK7063-2AF71-1RA1,11Nm,3000rpm

C2-axis (Circular Feed) Servo Motor:1FK7063-2AF71-1RA1,11Nm,3000rpm

Hydraulic pump motor: 415v, 1.1kw/1.5Hp, 2.51Amp., 1415rpm)


Coolant pump: 3-phase, 380/440v, 0.5Hp, 0.9Amp., 1425rpm

General Lubrication Motor: 3-phase, 380v, 0.25Hp, 0.55Amp., 1380rpm

Cyclic Lubrication Unit Motor: 220v, 40kw, 0.6Amp., 1500rpm



Pitch ( Minimum - Maximum ) 0.5mm to 6.3 Module

Face Width & Stroke length :- 100MM

Maximum diameter 250MM

Maximum Helix angle +/- 45 degree

Cutter Spindle diameter 68.23mm

Work table dimension

Height of worktable above floor 930mm

Overall height of the machine 2200mm

Overall width 1350 mm

Overall depth ( front to back) 1750 mm 



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